Friday, March 28, 2014

RTL-SDR Dongle (20 dollars) and HDSDR (Free) : Results are Amazing

I ordered an RTL-SDR dongle from China about 40 days ago. It finally arrived.

I'm listening to the cab companies in Toronto dispatching, around 162 mhz right now.  I can hardly believe how amazing this "scanner", 50 mhz to 1.2 ghz AM, FM, SSB receiver works.

Next month I'm going to build an HF upconvertor and put it in a tiny tin.  That will be fun. I joined the Peel Amateur Radio Club, and they are having a build-it day with RTL-SDR plus HF upconversion board.  Can hardly wait!

Here is a screen shot showing the waterfall fun:

Download the USB Driver Software and HDSDR files:
Assembling the download pieces to run it was too hard. I uploaded the set of files I needed on OneDrive here.

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