Saturday, May 3, 2014

Heathkit tube powered multimeter

I got a heathkit two tube multimeter, which has a lovely simpson analog meter and two tubes inside. It tickles me to no end that this thing is still ticking over beautifully but that the five or so multimeters I have owned until now, digital no-name units one and all, have died various ignominious deaths.

Here is an internal view of the tubular goodness inside....

That Duracell just went in there today replacing a Mallory cell from the 70s.

The sticker on the battery says someone paid 35 cents for this at Eatons.  

A network of resistors on a multiplanar rotary dial switch forms the heart of the instrument. I imagine a father and son building this in a basment in East York circa 1965 then going to the corner store for a cold bottle of Coca Cola in the original glass bottles.

A sense of accomplishment, a father son bonding moment. A feeling that you have in your hands an instrument, a means of measurement, a suitable trusty bit of kit for any radio or TV repairman.

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