Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My first real QSOs. Very fine business.

I made some more of my first real QSOs where you either call CQ or you answer someone's CQ.  I've now made a few on 20 meters, 40 meters, and one on 15 meters.   I've talked to a couple folks in Bulgaria, a couple in Russia, one guy in Guam, and a couple around North America.

Tonight I talked to two nice guys from Texas, one near Dallas/Fort Worth, and one near Santa Fe.  I really enjoyed talking to these guys because they weren't just "59, thanks for the QSO, 73s", we actually chatted a bit, and talked for a few minutes.  The second one was over half an hour.  I quite like longer QSOs, rather than the short hurried ones. I like it if someone asks a question or two and if I ask a question or two, and we can politely get to know a bit about each other's interests, lives, and activities, either within or outside of the hobby.

Part of the "Amateur Code" that I like very much and intend very much to honor is that I don't think that On The Air QSOs are a good place for "ranting", or intemperate or intolerant behaviour.  Courtesy rules.   I like getting on the air and engaging in a courteous QSO.   It may seem like a remnant of a by-gone era.  Courtesy still rules, around here, and I'm glad it's popular in the hobby.

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